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eRunnerz, an innovative concept which is designed for e-commerce vendors, small retailers, distributors, corporates and other business categories. We provide customized solutions based upon your business requirement. With dedicated and experienced staff from different businesses, we understand the importance of timely deliveries. With host of different services and payment options, eRunnerz will help you grow in your field.

4 Hrs Delivery

From the time of pickup, we deliver the product within 4 hours to the end customer. A premium service at a not so premium cost.

Same Day Delivery

This service is specially meant for e commerce sellers, economical as well as fast. Delivery is made on the same day when it is picked up.

Next Day Delivery

The most affordable service for businesses.


First Mile Service

FMS is one of the most important service, since timely pickup ensures timely delivery. We provide the best experience of First Mile service at the cheapest cost. Contact us for customized solutions.

HyperLocal Delivery

Hyper-Local Delivery is an on-demand delivery service that takes care of delivery requirements of local businesses. With this service, merchants can deliver to their customers in cost effective and hassle free way.


We provide reverse logistics as a part of NDD service, we check the product and conditions as specified by the seller and get it returned and delivered the next day.

Last Mile Delivery

Last mile delivery is the most important part of whole delivery system. We make sure that we deliver the product as per customer convenience, thus reducing the returns percentage.

Packing Materials

Good packing ensures safe delivery and it has psychological effect on customers when they see a well packed product. At the time of pickup our runnerz will pack the product after inspecting the product for free. We also provide packing material at an economical rate having your brand name on it.


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We have the service for you. Just Choose our services. Drop off as many parcels at as many locations.


As soon as the runner is allocated to you will be conveyed his current location and an approximate reaching time. We will never mislead you about his location as we believe in 100% transparency and honesty with the client.


We have a team of experienced eRunnerz boys who are instructed not to stop anywhere on the way for your trip. This ensures that your parcel gets across in the fastest time possible. Our drivers are constantly monitored to crosscheck that they are on the right track always.


We have a solution for all retail and service businesses. Get in touch with us so that we can prepare customized solutions to grow your business without taking on added costs.


Yes, as long as it satisfies the two conditions
a) The parcel should not be illegal or dangerous
b) It can be easily carried on a bike.



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